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Surgical Medicine Open Access Journal

Risk Factors Associated with Post-Operative Complications, in Patients Undergoing Emergency Surgery for Acute Abdomen, at the Honduran Institute of Social Security, 2018

  • Open or CloseCortés Cardona CM1* and Mayorga Francisco2

    1General surgeon, Master in Epidemiology, Health Research and Studies Center, Honduras

    2Epidemiologist, Health Studies and Research Center, Nicaragua

    *Corresponding author: Cortés Cardona CM, General Surgeon, National Autonomous University of Honduras, Master in Epidemiology, Center for Research and Health Studies, National Autonomous University of Nicaragu

Submission:October 11, 2022;Published: October 14, 2022

DOI: 10.31031/SMOAJ.2022.05.000602

ISSN : 2578-0379
Volume5 Issue1


Objective: To determine the risk factors associated with postoperative complications in patients undergoing emergency surgery for acute abdomen, at the Honduran Institute of Social Security, 2018.
Design: Cross-sectional, retrospective analytical study with a sample of 230 patients undergoing emergency abdominal surgery.
Results: The frequency of postoperative complications was 11.3%. The surgical indication was nontraumatic acute abdomen in 93.9%, with an open approach in 74.3%. 73.1% were infectious complications, according to Clavien-Dindon 26% grade II, 48% grade IIIa and 26% grade IIIb. Conclusions. Acute abdomen secondary to trauma, age from 61 to 70 years, and complicated acute appendicitis were the socio clinical characteristics associated with postoperative complications, with infections being the most frequent, according to Clavien-Dindon, most being grade IIIa. Main comorbidity associated with diabetes mellitus. The Charlson index, serum albumin and nutritional risk index were the risk factors associated with postoperative complications; being the Charlson index the most directly related factor.

Keywords:Surgery; Abdomen; Complications; Risk factors

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