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Research in Medical & Engineering Sciences

All Judgments Have To Be Run Off. About The Obligation to Resolve and the Fundamental Right to Resolve

Submission: April 03, 2020;Published: May 07, 2020

DOI: 10.31031/RMES.2020.08.000698

ISSN: 2576-8816
Volume 8 Issue 5


The non-observance of the obligation to resolve (and its counterpart, the right to have it resolved) constitutes a basilar issue that contributes to the deterioration of the administration of justice. This, while it is well known what the defendants have to endure painfully, in order to obtain not only an answer to their claim or conflict of interest, in each stage of the process, but also, the execution of the sentence, which said Incidentally, it is poorly understood as a fundamental right and not as an obligation or duty of the magistracy.

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