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Research in Medical & Engineering Sciences

On the Universality of the Quantum Approach

  • Open or CloseMaria Kumar*

    Institute of Holistic Research, USA

    *Corresponding author:Maria Kumar, Institute of Holistic Research, USA

Submission: January 10, 2019; Published: February 11, 2019

DOI: 10.31031/RMES.2019.07.000666

ISSN: 2576-8816
Volume7 Issue4


In the quantum world everything is interconnected one energy system. If so, quantum mechanics cannot be applicable only to the micro-world if the macro-world is built by micro-particles. At least now when we built quantum computers. We must acknowledge the fact that quantum mechanics must apply to more than the micro-world. Our studies lead to the same conclusion. In the way elementary particles emit and suck back virtual photons the active Sun emits spinning plasma balls which are sucked back. Thus, the micro- and macro-world exhibit the same dynamics and have the same torusshaped nonlinear electromagnetic fields (NEMF). Also, helium nano-droplets exhibit at very low temperatures the same turbulent dynamics and have the same torus-shaped NEMF. It seems that quantum behavior is specific for all spinning NEMF exhibiting turbulence regardless are those elementary particles from the micro-world or sun (stars) from the macro-world. Russian measurements sowed that our human NEMF is also spinning, has a torus shape and has active cycles with exhibited turbulence. If we embrace the fact that the whole world is quantum and interconnected, we could easily explain the influence of our mind on the quantum experiments we do.

Keywords: Physics; Nonlinear physics; Universal quantum approach; Turbulence and quantum levels; Human quantum energy levels

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