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Research in Medical & Engineering Sciences

Efficacy of Epalrestat and Pregabalin in Patients with Diabetic Peripheral Neuropathy

Submission: April 12, 2018; Published: May 04, 2018

DOI: 10.31031/RMES.2018.05.000605

ISSN : 2576-8816
Volume5 Issue1


Diabetic Peripheral neuropathy [DPN] is a major long term problem allied with diabetes that can cause serious disability and also death. It is caused by damage to any nerve in the peripheral nervous system. Fifty to seventy five percent of all ulcerations and non trauma amputations are a consequence of diabetic neuropathy. Epalrestat and Pregabalin are widely used to overcome neuronal damage. This study was designed to evaluate the efficacy of these two drug regimens.

Material and methods: Patients included in this study were experiencing pain because of diabetic neuropathy for at least 6months to 2 years.

Results: From 256 subjects with diabetic neuropathy included in the study, 229 patients concluded final analysis. 27 patients dropped from the study (17and 10 patients from pregabalin and epalrestat respectively). Mean pain score was reduced from 5.08±0.82 (severe pain) at first visit to 3.43±0.93 (moderate pain) in the epalrestat group, from 6.42±1.01 (severe pain) at first visit to 2.57±0.59 (mild pain) in the pregabalin group.

Conclusion: We conclude that pregabalin was significantly more effective than epalrestat in controlling pain in DPN patients.

Keywords: Diabetic peripheral neuropathy; Epalrestat and pregabalin

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