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Research in Medical & Engineering Sciences

Medical Engineering Applications in Modern Medicine

  • Open or Close Ethem Unal1* and Mehmet Bozdoganoglu2

    1 Department of General Surgery, Health Sciences University, Turkey

    2 Department of Mechanical Engineering, Turkey

    *Corresponding author:Ethem Unal, Health Sciences University, Umraniye Training and Resrarch Hospital, Department of General Surgery, Istanbul, Turkey

Submission: October 30, 2017; Published: April 24, 2018

DOI: 10.31031/RMES.2018.04.000598

ISSN : 2576-8816
Volume4 Issue5


Over the past years we have experienced a great technological development in health care and this is due to the joint work of engineers, mathematicians, physicians, computer scientists and many other professionals. Medical engineering (ME) is an exciting and emerging interdisciplinary field that combines engineering with life sciences.It can be summerized as the application of engineering principles to both the human body and to a broad range of instrumentation used in modern medicine. Recently, ME appliers gain the skills of engineering, whilst also providing employers with the added experience and knowledge of anatomy and physiology, and the ability to communicate with clinicians. Research of biomedical engineering has grown tremendously in the past few decades. Meanwhile, several outstanding journals in the field have emerged, with different emphases and objectives. These kind of journals constitutes a platform and a new forum for both scientists and clinicians to share their ideas and the results of their studies [1]. ME applications, basis and communications explores all facets of biomedical engineering, with emphasis on both the clinical and scientific aspects of the study. It covers the fields of bioelectronics, biomaterials, biomechanics, bioinformatics, nanobiological sciences and clinical engineering [2,3].

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