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Research in Medical & Engineering Sciences

Bio Insecticidal Activity of Soil Fungi against Grasshopper

  • Open or Close A Reniprabha1* D Chitra2 and A Chandrakala1

    1Department of zoology, Chikkaiah Naicker College, India

    2Department of Zoology, Sri Vasavi College, India

    *Corresponding author: A Reniprabha, PG and Research Department of zoology, Chikkaiah Naicker College, Erode - 4, Tamil Nadu

Submission: February 08, 2018; Published: February 27, 2018

DOI: 10.31031/RMES.2018.04.000579

ISSN : 2576-8816
Volume4 Issue1


The present study was undertaken to analyse the bio-insecticidal activity of various extracts of fungal isolates from the composite soil samples against grasshopper as test species. The fungal compound from the isolates was prepared using various extracts and the efficacy of insecticidal activity was assessed at different concentrations and at different intervals. It was found that the grasshoppers were effectively killed. Among the extracts, methanol extract of the fungal isolates was very active at 72 hours of exposure and the dosage of 50μl concentration was found to be effective with high insecticidal activity.

Keywords: Bio-insecticide; Soil fungi; Grasshopper

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