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Research in Medical & Engineering Sciences

Free Amino Acid and Their Derivatives: Plastic Substrates, Specific Regulators of Metabolism and Markers

  • Open or CloseNefyodov L1* and Karavay N2

    Department of Psychiatry, H B T Medical College, India

    *Corresponding author: Nefyodov L, Department of Biochemistry of Yanka Kupala, Grodno State University, Belarus

Submission: September 13,, 2017; Published: October 05, 2017

DOI: 10.31031/RMES.2017.01.000522

ISSN: 2576-8816
Volume1 Issue5


On the basis of the experimental data we suggest that the differences discovered in certain amino acids concentrations in blood plasma, red blood cells and tumors are criteria in early diagnostics of primary cancerous growth as well as in estimation of the efficacy of specific cancer treatment. Clinical studies on biological fluids and tumors of 1,495 patients with cancer of the mammary gland, lungs, prostate, ovaries, bladder or digestive tract showed significant changes in physiological concentrations of amino acids which either directly or indirectly regulate processes of antitumor response, oncogenesis, immunogenesis and apoptosis were shown. Our strategy of application of amino acids as medicinal preparations includes a targeted effect on the functional and metabolic relationships which are changed in specific pathology through the effect on the regulatory mechanisms of intermediate metabolic reactions, limiting stages of metabolic flows, utilization of energy substrates and transport systems restricting the processes of amino acids pool formation. The creation methodology of pathogenetic compositions of amino acids and their derivatives on the basis of their physiological concentration for practical application of their regulatory effects in oncology was discussed.

Keywords: Free amino acids; Regulatory effects; Oncology

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