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Research & Investigations in Sports Medicine

The Effectiveness of Prayer in Maintenance of Physical Health in Context of “Stand, Pray, there is Shifa/Healing in Prayers”

  • Open or Close Mahboob Ur Rahman*

    Chairman, Mahboob Medical Institute, Pakistan

    *Corresponding author: Mahboob Ur Rahman, Chairman, Mahboob Medical Institute, Habib Physiotherapy Complex, Phase 5, Hayatabad, Peshawar, Pakistan

Submission: August 2, 2018; Published: August 31, 2018

DOI: 10.31031/RISM.2018.03.000575

ISSN: 2577-1914
Volume3 Issue5


The major function of rehabilitation and physical medicine specialists is to provide the proper therapy that helps in improving the physical activities of impaired, disabled and handicapped persons through improvement in their muscle strength. In performing their function, the rehabilitation team should always take heed of the social and mental well-being of such patients. Having observed millions of Muslims perform the salat (prayer) regularly at specified times throughout the world, we postulated that salat, along with its various postures, can play a role in increasing psychological well-being including self-reliance and self-esteem, improving musculo-skeletal fitness, motor behaviour and cerebral blood flow that may be beneficial for physical health. The physical activities involved in the performance of salat helps in physical health by improving blood flow and increasing musculoskeletal fitness. The salat prayer involves little effort (standing, bowing, prostration and sitting), has a short duration and is beneficial for physical health.

Moreover, salat prayer has psychological, musculoskeletal and cerebral effects on improving the muscular functions in physical health. The physiotherapist of the rehabilitation centre who assists the patient to restore and preserve joint range of motion through mobilization techniques and exercise may take this prayer system as a model for restoring the residual strength of the patient. Salat has special characteristics in that it is a short duration mild-to-moderate psychological, physical and brain activity. Scientific evidence also supports the notion that even moderate intensity activities, when performed daily, can have some long-term health benefits. Salat is like a free hand exercise. This activity is convenient for all kinds of patients, including children, the elderly and physically handicapped, for strengthening their muscles as well as the mind. More studies are needed in future to determine the full beneficial effects of the salat prayer on the rehabilitative process of disabled persons.

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