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Research & Investigations in Sports Medicine

The Effectiveness of Prayer in Maintenance of Physical Health in Context of “Stand, Pray, there is Shifa/Healing in Prayers”

Mahboob Ur Rahman*

Chairman, Mahboob Medical Institute, Pakistan

*Corresponding author: Mahboob Ur Rahman, Chairman, Mahboob Medical Institute, Habib Physiotherapy Complex, Phase 5, Hayatabad, Peshawar, Pakistan

Submission: August 2, 2018;Published: August 31, 2018

DOI: 10.31031/RISM.2018.03.000575

ISSN 2578-0271
Volume3 Issue5


The major function of rehabilitation and physical medicine specialists is to provide the proper therapy that helps in improving the physical activities of impaired, disabled and handicapped persons through improvement in their muscle strength. In performing their function, the rehabilitation team should always take heed of the social and mental well-being of such patients. Having observed millions of Muslims perform the salat (prayer) regularly at specified times throughout the world, we postulated that salat, along with its various postures, can play a role in increasing psychological well-being including self-reliance and self-esteem, improving musculo-skeletal fitness, motor behaviour and cerebral blood flow that may be beneficial for physical health. The physical activities involved in the performance of salat helps in physical health by improving blood flow and increasing musculoskeletal fitness. The salat prayer involves little effort (standing, bowing, prostration and sitting), has a short duration and is beneficial for physical health.

Moreover, salat prayer has psychological, musculoskeletal and cerebral effects on improving the muscular functions in physical health. The physiotherapist of the rehabilitation centre who assists the patient to restore and preserve joint range of motion through mobilization techniques and exercise may take this prayer system as a model for restoring the residual strength of the patient. Salat has special characteristics in that it is a short duration mild-to-moderate psychological, physical and brain activity. Scientific evidence also supports the notion that even moderate intensity activities, when performed daily, can have some long-term health benefits. Salat is like a free hand exercise. This activity is convenient for all kinds of patients, including children, the elderly and physically handicapped, for strengthening their muscles as well as the mind. More studies are needed in future to determine the full beneficial effects of the salat prayer on the rehabilitative process of disabled persons.


Sustenance means “Way or substance to survive and maintain daily needs to perform daily and responsibilities of our life.” A drink or food for source of strength and nourishment. It is also called nutrition. Sports nutrition is a method and approach to sustain of a person in sports activity. Sports nutrition is a specialization of within the field of nutrition that partners closely with the study of human body and exercise science [1]. The basic concept for sport nutrition for athletes requires proper eating strategies and need to have a command of general nutrition and as well as exercise science [2]. At the time of field performance an athlete is supposed to be well nourished, fit, focused and ready to compete. Sports nutrition can boost and maintain the required power and stamina for performance, so it can avoid the risk doping as anti-doping method. We included many sports person in our study and effect of proper and planned nutritional elements. This was a satisfactory feeling and output. An athlete always needs to pay attention on WHEN, WHAT, HOW and HOWMUCH they should eat and drink prior and post-game [3].


250 sports persons from various sports and athletics activities with different problems observed and examined on systemic, continuous revision and reassessment in period of 3 weeks till 12 weeks protocol (3 Months). We examined them based on following.

1. FSS (Fatigue Severity Scale).

2. P A Scale (Performance Anxiety Scale)

Fatigue Severity Scale consists of

1. Stamina

2. Strength

3. Performance

4. Biomechanics Symmetry.

We gave each 5 marks to each parameter of FSS it consists of 20 marks in grand total and 10 marks for Performance anxiety Scale total is 30. N=250 (participants), divided in to two groups as Physical therapy Supported (PTS) N=125 and Physical and Nutrition Therapy Supported (PNTS) N=125.


After 1st round assessment (after 3 weeks of treatment) we find 30 people, 40 persons, and 55 in same condition in PTS group, their mean value of improvement was 6.33. In PNTS group 40, 35, and 50 people in same condition based on assessment protocol. We find mean value for this group 15.33. In 2nd assessment after 6week we find mean value of PTS 8, and for PNTS 18. In our 3rd assessment for both after 9 week we got mean values 9.33 and 19.33 for PTS and PNTS groups. After 12 weeks treatment and nutrition support when we finally compare both groups we got the mean values 11.66 PTS and 22.33 PNTS group. On percentage basis compare we find 39.68% (40% nearly) better improvement in Physical and Nutrition Therapy Supported (PNTS) group than Physical therapy Supported (PTS) group. PNTS group got relax 75% and improvement in a fixed treatment duration and PTS group 35.32%. The difference score of these groups was 39.60%.


hence it proved the sustenance has a good and enough power of healing, improvement and nurturing the people and their problems. It works like a medicine without any harm and adverse effects. The main role of sports nutrition is to support the training program. Dietary intake for performance will change as the training regime changes. Poor nutrition can lead to injury, fatigue and poor recovery, all three of which can hider as to how efficiently an athlete performs [4]. It has been widely accepted from a decade sustenance is able to heal and improve the problems and brings people near to goal with improvement of physical and mental health. Greany and Jeukendrup [5,6] stated that from fueling to recovery muscle building weight and making optimal nutrition ensure the best platform for success in any sport. This is the world of peace and solution where a sport person can get stamina, and power and recovery from any injury so can boost up with physical and mental health. So, they never could think about any kind of dope. Sustenance may surely prevent the danger and risk of doping for a sports person..


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