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Research & Development in Material Science

Applications of Nanotechnology Towards Detection and Treatment of HIV/AIDs: A Review Article

  • Open or CloseMope Edwin Malefane*

    Nanotechnology and Water Sustainability Research Unit, University of South Africa, South Africa

    *Corresponding author:Mope Edwin Malefane, Nanotechnology and Water Sustainability Research Unit, College of Science, Engineering and Technology, University of South Africa, Florida 1709, South Africa

Submission: January 30, 2020;Published: February 10, 2020

DOI: 10.31031/RDMS.2020.12.000796

ISSN : 2576-8840
Volume12 Issue5


There are frequent grumbles of HIV investigations that appears to be getting whisker close to a minor but influential word cure. Toxicity, viral reservoirs, societal discrimination and drug resistance increases the challenges faced with HIV detection and treatment. Nanotechnological applications in drug development and delivery promises to combat and correct issues associated with HIV treatment through generation of drugs with pharmacological advantages that are pioneered by unique materials properties at nanoscale compared to bulk, atomic scale or molecular dimensions. This mini review explores the profound research findings on different manipulations of nanosized materials (nanocapsules, nanocarriers, nanocrystals, etc.) towards rapid detection and cure and/or prevention of HIV. Moreover, possibilities for future investigations are suggested based on attained literature investigations and opinions as a roadmap towards successful HIV free generation and numerous advances in nanomedicine.

Keywords: Drug release; Early detection; HIV cure; Nanopharmaceuticals; Nanorobotics

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