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Research & Development in Material Science

Entropy Criteria for Corpuscular Wave Interactions

Submission: May 07, 2019;Published: May 13, 2019

DOI: 10.31031/RDMS.2019.10.000748

ISSN : 2576-8840
Volume10 Issue5


The concept of entropy for space-energy interactions is used similarly to the ideas of thermodynamics of statistic entropy. This concept emerged based on the second law of thermodynamics and ideas on reduced amount of heat. Such ideas are general statements independent of microscopic models. Therefore, their application and consideration can have a large number of results, which are also most fruitfully used in statistic thermodynamics. In this investigation the attempt is made to apply such regularities to assess the degree of spatial-energy interactions using their graphical dependence in other fields as well. The nomogram to assess the entropy of various processes is obtained. The diversity of entropy manifestations is discussed, including the entropy in biophysical processes and technical systems.

The resonance stationary state of structural processes is fulfilled under the condition of equality of the degrees of corpuscular and wave interactions. This condition is also fulfilled in macroworld: the work of silkworm, production of spacecrafts, linen running-in on the base and many other examples. It is also assumed that the technology of building ancient pyramids was based on the same principles. This condition is also fulfilled in microworld, which is confirmed by the equations of Plnack’s constantconstant of fine structure and π-number. These principles can be practically applied for searching optimal technological solutions.

Keywords:Spatial-energy parameter; Wave functions; Structural interactions; Entropic nomograms; Biophysical processes; Economic and technological systems; Laws of thermodynamics; Reversible and irreversible processes

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