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Research & Development in Material Science

Two-stage Synthesis of Palladium (II) Oxide Nanocrystalline Powders for Gas Sensor Application

Submission: MMay 10, 2018; Published: October 09, 2018

DOI: 10.31031/RDMS.2018.07.000682

ISSN : 2576-8840
Volume8 Issue1


Two-stage procedure of palladium (II) oxide nano particle powder preparation based on calcination in dry oxygen of previously synthesized palladium (II) nitrate has been developed. The results of XRD analysis testified the homogeneity of PdO samples prepared by calcination at T=400 and 600 oC. By electron probe microanalysis it has been established that synthesized PdO powders were characterized with excess of oxygen atoms relative stoichiometric ratio of the elements. It has been found that calcination temperature rise from T=400 oC to T=600 oC has led to the increase of oxygen atom concentration and to enlargement of nano dimensional crystallites of palladium (II) oxide powders. Results of coherent-scattering region value determination have shown that synthesized palladium (II) oxide powders can be applied at fabrication of gas sensors within the framework of thick film technology.

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