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Research & Development in Material Science

Review of Multiferroicity in a Few Promising Nanoscale Systems

Submission: June 01, 2018;Published: August 10, 2018

DOI: 10.31031/RDMS.2018.07.000667

ISSN : 2576-8840
Volume7 Issue4


A new dimension of functionality emerges when magnetization is switched by electric field and vice versa within a single phase compound. Multiferroics-compounds that harness multi-ferro (ferroelastic, ferroelectric, ferromagnetic) orders-realize such advancements and, therefore, for justifiable reasons, have been occupying the centre-stage of research in the area of condensed matter. Numerous applications are possible: four logic-state memory (electrical writing and magnetic reading), ac/dc magnetic field sensors, microwave resonators, phase shifters, recording read heads, multiferroic generators to name a few. For obvious reasons, the compounds that exhibit strong magnetoelectric multiferroic coupling at room temperature itself are the most sought-after ones. The nanoscale systems exhibiting remarkably large magnetoelectric coupling at room temperature could usher a new regime of nanospintronic devices. Here in this brief review, we offer glimpses of new results from three promising nanoscale single-phase and composite systems which possibly turn out to be the game changer in this area in near future.

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