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Polymer Science: Peer Review Journal

Silver Rubber-Hydrogel Nanocomposite as pH-Sensitive Prepared by Gamma Radiation: Part II

  • Open or CloseGhobashy MM* and Elhady MA

    Radiation Research of Polymer chemistry department, Egypt

    *Corresponding author:Mohamed Mohamady Ghobashy, Radiation Research of Polymer chemistry department, National Center for Radiation Research and Technology (NCRRT), Atomic Energy Authority, Cairo, Egypt

Submission: November 11, 2019;Published: February 04, 2020

Volume1 Issue1
February, 2020


Sliver rubber-hydrogel (Natural Rubber Latex/poly acrylamide/poly methacrylic acid)/silver nanocomposites have been fabricated using gamma radiation techniques. The hydride mixtures of natural rubber latex(NRL) and acrylamide/methacrylic acid (AM/MAA) co-monomer dissolved in 50mL of (0.01 mol) AgNO3 solution and irradiated at 20kGy. Gamma radiation induced combined effect, the crosslinking of NRL/AM/MAA and in situ reduction of Ag+ ions at ambient conditions. A silver nanoparticle (AgNPs) was embedded in crosslinking rubber-hydrogel of (NRL/PAM/PMAA) matrices, resulting in a very uniform dispersion with (30nm) diameter. The pH controlled of sliver rubber-hydrogel of (NRL/ PAM/PMAA)/ Agby alternately the swelling degree of hybrid rubber-hydrogel matrices was evaluated. The effect of silver nanoparticles in-situ in (NRL/PAM/PMAA) matrices on the optical properties of composite films is studied experimentally. The (ATR-FTIR) spectrum and thermal analysis (DSC/TGA) results of the prepared rubber hydrogel showed pure one phase suggesting that there are fully miscible between rubber and hydrogel phases.

Keywords: Rubber; Hydrogel; Silver; Nanocomposites; Cross linked; Gamma radiation

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