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Effect of Texturing Regimes on the Efficiency of p-Si/Textured-Si/ZnS1-xSex Heterojunctions Solar Cells

Submission: April 18, 2019;Published: May 22, 2019


In this paper the p-Si/ textured-Si/ZnS1-xSex heterojunctions were fabricated by electrochemical deposition of ZnS1-xSex (x=0; 0.1 and 0.2) films onto the crystalline p-Si/SK and p-Si/SH substrates (SK and SH are textured silicon etched in KOH+C3H8O and HF+HNO3, respectively). Photoelectrical properties of heterojunctions were investigated depending on the etching duration, solution temperature and concentration of solids in solutions (KOH and HF (1-5wt%); C3H8O and HNO3 (3-10vol%). It has been established that the efficiency of the p-Si/ textured-Si/ ZnS1-xSex solar cells depends on the etching regime. The optimal concentration of solids (KOH-3wt%+ C3H8O-6vol%; HF-5wt%+HNO3-8vol%), solution temperature (80 ˚C) and etching duration (40 min) were determined for maximum efficiency of solar cells: for p-Si/SK4/ZnS-FF=0.58; η=9.36%; for p-Si/SH4/ZnS-FF=0.5; η=7.1%; for p-Si/SK4/ ZnS0.9Se0.1- (Jsc -34mA/cm2, Voc - 0, 620V) FF -0,65; η=10.6% and for p-Si/SH4/ZnS0.9Se0.1- FF=0.56; η=9.1%.

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