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Progress in Petrochemical Science

Simulation of the Pure Hydrogen Production and CO2 Capture with the Calcium Looping Process in the Combustion of Coal

  • Open or Close Azam Movasati1 and Hassan Ghanbarabadi2*

    1Chemical, Petroleum and Gas Engineering Department, Iran University of Science and Technology, Iran

    2Department of Chemical Engineering, Technical and Vocational University (TVU), Iran

    *Corresponding author: Hassan Ghanbarabadi, Department of Chemical Engineering, Technical and Vocational University (TVU), Jajarm Branch, Jajarm, Iran

Submission: July 06, 2018; Published: July 13, 2018

DOI: 10.31031/PPS.2018.02.000540

ISSN 2637-8035
Volume2 Issue3


It is widely accepted today that global concentration of carbon dioxide (CO2) in the atmosphere is increasing rapidly. The main method for separating this gas is the mineral carbonation process. In this process, hydrogen-rich stream is produced by the removal of CO2. A feasibility simulation study was conducted to evaluate the utilization of CaO used in the combustion of coal processing plant. The fluidized bed reactor of calcium looping process was simulated by Aspen Plus software. In addition, the evaluated of the energy and economic process was carried out with Aspen Energy Analyzer and Aspen Economics Analyzer, respectively. The results of the simulation show that the hydrogen purity can reach more than 84vol% and more than 98.96vol% of CO2 along with combustion of coal is captured with calcium looping process. The results of the study with Aspen Economics Analyzer show that the operating cost of the process is about 914350$/year and the cost of utilities is about 5508.4$/h.

Keywords: CO2 capture; Hydrogen; CaO; Fluidized bed reactor; Aspen plus

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