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Psychology and Psychotherapy: Research Study

Association between Multiple Sclerosis and Cardiovascular Dysfunction

  • Open or CloseSatyendra Nath Chakrabartty*

    Indian Statistical Institute, Indian Maritime University, Indian Ports Association, India

    *Corresponding author:Satyendra Nath Chakrabartty, Indian Statistical Institute, Indian Maritime University, Indian Ports Association, India

Submission: April 12, 2023;Published: April 28, 2023

DOI: 10.31031/PPRS.2023.06.000648

ISSN: 2639-0612
Volume6 Issue5


Background: Empirical studies indicate association of Multiple Sclerosis (MS) with increased risks of Cardiovascular Diseases (CVDs). However, controversial results emerged.
Objectives: To measure the association between MS and CVD using pathological data and scales to assess s MS and CVD.
Methods: The paper provides an assumption-free method to convert item scores to normally distributed scale scores, avoiding limitations of scales to assess MS or CVD satisfying desired properties. Binary and categorical pathological data may also be transformed to follow normal and data in ratio scale may be standardized followed by transformation and added with scale scores.
Result: Association through contingency table need meaningful scale scores to obtain the cell frequencies. Proposed scores can classify the sample in relevant classes through equivalent scores and find cell frequencies. Associations by correlations are preferred over frequency based measures. However, correlations may not imply linearity.
Conclusion: Normally distributed proposed scores ensure meaningful addition of item scores to get dimension/scale scores for individuals and contribute to improve scoring of instruments. Such scores facilitate better comparisons, measurement of association, statistical tests and identification of areas requiring changes in clinical practice, treatment protocols, community program management and estimating population parameters and testing of statistical hypothesis.

Keywords: Multiple sclerosis; Cardiovascular disease; Contingency table; Normal distribution; Transformations

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