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Orthopedic Research Online Journal

Outcomes of Arthroscopic Assisted Bankart Repair for Anterior Shoulder Instability Using Double Loaded All Suture Anchors Fixation

Submission: September 14, 2021Published: September 23, 2021

DOI: 10.31031/OPROJ.2021.08.000698

ISSN : 2576-8875
Volume8 Issue5


The purpose of this study is to evaluate outcomes of Arthroscopic Bankart Repair (ABR) using double loaded All suture anchor technique, in young patients with posttraumatic Anterior Shoulder Instability (ASI).

Method: 24 patients were recruited who had traumatic anterior shoulder dislocation and underwent Arthroscopic Bankart Repair (ABR), with at least 2 years follow-up and minimum of 03 months of physiotherapy postoperatively. Recurrent instability, postoperative glenohumeral osteoarthritis, post- surgical complications and subjective scores (Simple Shoulder Test [SST], American Shoulder and Elbow Surgeon [ASES] and Rowe scores) were evaluated.

Results: Among the 24 participants, 03 patients (12.5%) experienced at least one episode of redislocation, two patients (08%) had signs and symptoms of glenohumeral osteoarthritis. The overall satisfaction rate was 80% with ASES, SST and Rowe scores of 82%, 9% and 79% respectively. One patient (04%) had wound infection.

Conclusion: Arthroscopic Bankart Repair (ABR) using double loaded all- suture anchor fixation for anterior shoulder instability followed by physiotherapy has excellent short-term outcome in term of low post-surgical complication rate, high patient satisfaction, ability to join work back and improved subjective scores.

Keywords: Arthroscopic bankart repair; Anterior shoulder instability; Lebral repair

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