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Outcomes of Arthroscopic ACL Reconstruction Using Adjustable Loop Endobutton and Bioabsorbable Screw for Hamstring Autograft

Submission: August 11, 2021Published: September 01, 2021

DOI: 10.31031/OPROJ.2021.08.000695

ISSN : 2576-8875
Volume8 Issue4


Background: Anterior Cruciate Ligament injury is the most common knee ligament injury. ACL tear can be reconstructed openly but endoscopic reconstruction is the gold standard. It is usually repaired using BPTB or Hamstring autograft. The graft is supported using adjustable loop endobutton at the femoral end while bioabsoarbable interference screw at the tibial end. Our aim was to study the outcomes of particular method of fixation for fixing the quadrupled hamstring autograft.

Methods: In this study 160 patients with ACL injury were treated with arthroscopic reconstructed using hamstring autograft. The graft was fixed with endobutton on the femoral side while bioabsorbable screw was used at the tibial end. The prospective assessment was done using IKDC scoring system.

Results: According to subjective IKDC scoring, 120 (75%) results were excellent, 24(15%) were good, 12(7.5%) were satisfactory and 4(2.5%) were bad. Now in 97.5% patients the state of knee joint is very good compared to preoperative state.

Conclusion: Of all the 160 patients underwent ACL reconstruction, 156(97.5%) patients are satisfied with the results of the operation.

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