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Multi-Disciplinary Scientific Approach to Detection of Mass Repeated Fatal Errors in Standard Medical Orthopedic Processes

  • Open or CloseAntonín Cuc*

    The International Expert in Occupational Health and Safety, Czech Technical University, Czech Republic

    *Corresponding author: Antonín Cuc, The International Expert in Occupational Health and Safety, Czech Technical University, Na Míčánkách 435/1,101 00 Prague 10, Czech Republic

Submission: February 16, 2018;Published: August 21, 2018

DOI: 10.31031/OPROJ.2018.04.000583

ISSN : 2576-8875
Volume4 Issue2


The frequency of fatal medical errors in Diagnosis and choosing the right individual treatment is tragic fatal by 10% of all workflow-today’s ex-waiting fatal medical mistakes in OECD by The World Research Message WHO 2010. This means an immense amount of unnecessarily severely injured patients annually, with a substantial reduction in the rest of their lives for many years in all OECD countries. I very much appreciate the findings of medicine in the US, where it has been proven in 2016 that medical errors are the third most common cause of enforced Patient death in the US, although it is very difficult to demonstrate from standard structural patient medical records. I have therefore decided, on the basis of the standard criminalistic multidisciplinary methods used in the United States to analyse catastrophic falls of each transport aircraft, it was my origin inspiration: - to demonstrate how similar criminal analyses of statistical Patient samples can be performed a key to description random clusters of patients with comparable orthopedic diagnosis with comparable standard choice treatment with a comparable choice of orthopedic implants with detection many false similar repeated fatal medical mistakes.

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