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Comparison of Minimal Invasive Subvastal Approach with Standard Medial Parapatellar Approach in Total Knee Replacement

  • Open or Close Mohamed Nabil*

    Orthopedic Surgery Department, Suez Canal University, Egypt

    *Corresponding author: Mohamed Nabil, Orthopedic Surgery Department, Suez Canal University, Egypt

Submission: January 22, 2018; Published: February 23, 2018

DOI: 10.31031/OOIJ.2018.01.000512

ISSN: 2578-0069
Volume1 Issue3


Background: Although the long-term results of knee arthroplasty have proven to be excellent, the rehabilitation period often is long and painful. In order to improve the patient’s well-being in the immediate postoperative period, other less traumatic exposures have been introduced, including the mini subvastus approach. The purpose of this study is to evaluate the short-term functional results of MIS-TKA (mini-subvastus approach) compared with a traditional TKA using a medial parapatellar exposure.

Patients and methods: The study population was divided into two groups of patients who underwent surgery with the same surgeon in 2014- 2015: 16 MIS-TKA and 18 medial parapatellar TKA, following the same arthroplasty model (nexgen) and similar pre and postoperative procedures.

Results: In the immediate postoperative results, the subvastus group showed significant decrease in blood loss, significant decrease in hospital stay, significantly shorter length of incision, and significant increase in duration of surgery. After one year follow up, KSS scores were 86.6±7.0 for the MIS Group and 86.7±5.9 for the standard technique Group. This difference was not statistically significant.

Conclusion: this study asserts that the MIS technique does offer some advantages for the immediate post-operative period, including a lesser blood loss, and a shorter hospital stay. However, results at one year after surgery are similar, both in functional assessment and in quality of life for the patient.

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