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Open Journal of Cardiology & Heart Diseases

Assessment of Stress in the Banking Environment at the National Service of Occupational Medicine in Guinea

Submission: February 10, 2020;Published: April 24, 2020

DOI: 10.31031/OJCHD.2020.03.000563

ISSN: 2578-0204
Volume3 Issue3


Introduction: Stress is the body’s response to an exhausting, dangerous or distressing situation. Work stress is a person’s reaction to high demands and pressure at work. The impact of work stress is generally considered to be harmful to workers’ health and costly for society. They seem to affect all categories of workers, including managers. Numerous scientific works agree that stress at work is at the origin of pathologies such as musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) and low back pain, cardiovascular diseases (CVD), depression [1,2].

Patents and method: The national service of occupational medicine and twelve (12) banks of the city of Conakry and their branch are used as framework for the realization of this study.

Study material: Our study focused on all bank employees working in the city of Conakry.

A. Type and duration of study: This was a descriptive prospective study of a duration of 06 months from 10 June to 10 December 2017.
B. Population target: All employees of the banks of the city of Conakry were targeted.
C. Population study: Our study focused on all active employees of the banks of the city of Conakry.
D. Inclusion Criteria: Included in this study were all bank employees in Conakry present during the survey who agreed to participate.
E. Exclusion Criteria: Excluded from this study were all bank employees who did not accept the survey.
F. Variable: For all employees, we determined the sociodemographic parameters (age, sex, marital status, workstation, residence) as well as the stress and stressor evaluation parameters.
G. Data entry and analysis: The seizure analysis and presentation of this study were carried out using Pac Office 2013 and Epi Infos in version
H. Ethical and deontological considerations: An investigation authorization and the free membership of employees to our investigation were requested and the information collected was kept in the confidentiality required by professional secrecy.

Discussion: We conducted a descriptive prospective study on the assessment of stress in the workplace: the case of banks in Conakry in which we recorded 844 workers. The average age of our workers was 37.02 years with extremes of 20 and 72 years, the age group of 30 - 39 years was the most affected with a proportion of 45.14%, followed by that of 20-29 years with a proportion of 23.10%. Oke A et al. [3] In Nigeria in 2008, a study of stress in the banking sector reported that the most represented age group was 31 to 40 years old with a proportion of 49.7%. Petarli et al. [4] Brazil in 2015 reported in a study on stress in the banking sector, that the most represented age group was 31 to 50 years with a proportion of 62%.

Conclusion: Stress is the body’s response to an exhausting, dangerous or distressing situation. Then there is a statistically significant link between the level of stress and the stressors. The assessment of the factors intrinsic to the work situation would certainly make it possible to analyze the impact and possible corrective and preventive measures. As stressors are real risk factors for stress, conducting additional studies on stress in other sectors could lead to a better understanding of this phenomenon in order to prevent the occurrence of cardiovascular events.

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