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Open Access Research in Anatomy

Age Related Changes in the Development of Large Intestine in Red Sokoto Goats

Submission: December 11, 2019; Published: January 21, 2020

DOI: 10.31031/OARA.2020.02.000535

ISSN: 2577-1922
Volume2 Issue2


This study was aimed at investigating the age-related changes in the post neonatal development of the large intestine in Red Sokoto Goat, using standard morphological techniques. In this study, five age groups were used (i.e. 0-6 months, 6 months-1 year, 1-2 years, 2-3 years and above 3 years, which were grouped in this study as Group A-Group E) and were all obtained from Wamakko market at Wamakko Local Government, Sokoto State. The Ages were estimated using the knowledge of Eruption and Wearing of the milk and Permanent Teeth of the Rostral dentition. The different segments of the Large intestine; Caecum, Colon and Rectum were found to be present in every age group and there was no change in position. There was colour change with visible increase in size with increase in developmental age. Although there was a gradual increase observed in length, width and thickness of the various segments of the Large intestine, the weight and volume however were noticed to increase rapidly with advancement in development. The last group (i.e., above 3 years of age) showed the highest values, suggesting that as the animal advances in age, it adapts to the new feeding pattern as the nature of feed changes as the animal gets older, which also explains the colour change in the organ with advancement in development.

Keywords: Age; Neonatal; Development; Large intestine; Red Sokoto Goat; Rostral dentition

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