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Novel Techniques in Nutrition and Food Science

Physicochemical Properties of Legumes Flakes (Chickpeas and Faba Beans) Preparing at Deferent Methods

Submission: June 23, 2022;Published: July 19, 2022

Volume6 Issue4
July, 2022


In the present paper, an evaluation has been made for preparing the flakes of legumes (chickpea and faba bean) at deferent processes of cooking, where the analysis indicate that the physical properties and chemical compositions (Moisture, Ash, Fat, Protein and total carbohydrates) of the flakes of soaked chickpea (Cps) and soaked faba bean (Fbs) are proximate to flakes of chickpea flour (Cpf) and flakes of faba bean (Fbf) at significant differences (P<0.05); were observed between the two type of cooking flakes. Major minerals contents (K, Ca, Na and Mg) and minor elements (Fe) were detected in flakes chickpea flour and flakes faba bean flour at elevated levels than that observed in flakes of soaked legumes. The investigation of the organoleptic evaluation of sensory characteristics for samples of the flakes from the soaked chickpea Cps and soaked faba bean Fbs, the flakes from the flours of chickpea Cpf and flours of faba bean Fbf represent no considerable difference between control, replacement levels regarding appearance, color, taste.

Keywords: Chickpea; Faba bean; Processes of food preparation; Flakes; Physicochemical compositions

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