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Novel Research in Sciences

Interstellar Travel: Possible Perspectives

Sadique Shaikh*

ISTM Mumbai, India

*Corresponding author: Sadique Shaikh, ISTM Mumbai, India

Submission: March 03, 2020;Published: April 09, 2020

DOI: 10.31031/NRS.2020.3.000566

Volume3 Issue4
April, 2020


Perpetual motion machine; Gravitational slung shots; Warp drive; Hyperspace; Wormholes; Quantum entanglement; Quantum foam; Black holes; Singularity; Event horizons; Neutrino; Dark matter; Antimatter; Tachyon particles; Warp space time;, Forth dimensional space and tesseract; Interplanetary superhighways


As humankind becoming each day advance civilization with win-win conditions in physics, space science, science, computing technologies, information technologies, communication technologies , storage technologies, transport technologies, high energy fuels or space energies as fuels technology based spacecraft’s, space robotics, advanced Artificial Intelligence and Robotics, all walks of engineering and advance material engineering each day explore and open new opportunity of space travel and interstellar travels by various means. The first concept I want to put before you is Gravitational Slingshots where speed of spaceship can boost with saving fuel and using high gravity of stars and planets coming in a space or interstellar travels.

The another possibility is Perpetual Motion Machine in this regard velocity of interstellar ships is the second matter but the first one is how engineer such a bodies that motion continues forever without any fuel or external threshold or triggers using mechanics. The most proposed concept is “Warp Drive” in Quantum Foam or Space-time Fabric of Universe for Interstellar Traveling and the concept is to create such Warp Drive which warp to spacetime or traveling in Hyperspace. The Quantum Foam is a fluctuation of space-time on every small scales in space fabric because of quantum mechanics effects. Equal chances also for higher dimensional transportation spaceships with navigational abilities for fourth dimension or more like Tesseract in space to explore and enter in new and different universe having completely different laws, objects, planets, stars and their shapes with possibilities most intelligence life forms as compare to mankind. Black holes, Wormholes and Hyperspace can make this happen possible, but ultra high speed spaceships need for this regards because at “Event Horizon” even light cannot pass at the point of Singularity where Time is end with high gravitational force. The possibility as per my concern to travel billion trillion light-years away galaxies, super cluster, interstellar, Multiverse or final existence Omniverse we need such a transportation spacecraft’s which several time high in velocity of light. Hence solution might be “Tachyon” particle based or Tychyonic based spacecraft engineering, which is hypothetical particle that always travels faster than light. Alternatively also another possibility “Neutrino” based spaceships for interstellar or space travels, which is subatomic particle that is very similar to electron, but has no electrical charge and negligible small mass can assume zero.

These stuffs can work with dark energy, dark matter, gravitational waves or Antimatter with Heiggs Boson or God Particle elements. One strong hypothesis also Quantum Entanglement which proved in quantum mechanics same particle on same time exist on several different location which tends to assumption we have several copies of our own in simulated universes in parallel fashion called multiverse and can reach to different planets or world of another universe within a fraction of second we can switch billion or trillion light years far away in back or forward in space-time and supporting theories are “ Déjà vu “ or “Bootstrap Paradox” only need wire and connect our one brain with our another brain which exact our same copy. Now a day’s possibility also for Interplanetary Superhighways which are shortest gravitational paths connect to planets and stars in space foam. The last one I am practicing is “Quantum Artificial Intelligence” and based technologies space shuttles. The concept is we will one day success to engineer such a light which just not radiation but ultra high intelligence as compare to physical robotics intelligence and this is light intelligence traveling with the speed of life. In last only want say our brain is too small to understand whole but at least should start from somewhere.

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