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Novel Research in Sciences

The Optimum Selection of Imperfect Quality Economic Manufacturing Quantity and Process Mean

  • Open or CloseDiwakar Govindsamy1 and Abdur Rahim2*

    1Department of Mechanical Engineering, University of New Brunswick, Canada

    2Faculty of Management, University of New Brunswick Fredericton, Canada

    *Corresponding author:Abdur Rahim, Faculty of Management, University of New Brunswick Fredericton, E3B 5A3, NB, Canada

Submission: February 02, 2023;Published: March 08, 2023


A modified Economic Manufacturing Quantity (EMQ) model under the imperfect product quality has been presented. For measuring the product quality, Taguchi’s quadratic loss function has been used. Total loss to the society has been denoted by the modified EMQ model which includes the producer’s loss and consumer’s loss. The set-up cost, the holding cost and the product cost are used to calculate the total inventory cost of the modified EMQ. The perfect and imperfect reworks of product are considered in the modified EMQ model. In order to have minimum loss to society the optimum combination of EMQ and process mean can be obtained by solving the modified EMQ model.



TC Total inventory cost per unit time.
D Demand quantity in units per time.
Q Economic manufacturing quantity.
St Set-up cost for each production run.
O Demand rate in units per day.
I Production rate in units per day.
h Holding cost per unit item per unit time.
PI The cost function of product under the perfect rework.
A Inspection cost per unit.
k Quality loss coefficient.
Δ Tolerance.
B Rework cost.
t Target value.
S Scrap cost per unit.
Φ(z) The probability density function of the standard normal variable.
Φ(z) The cumulative distribution function of the standard normal variable z.
PII Cost function of product under imperfect rework.
E(PII) Expected cost of a product.

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