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Early Phenophases in Some Common Tree Species and Provenances in Western Norway During the Period 1964-2014 as Related to Mean January-April Temperatures, and Consequences of the Related Climate Change

  • Open or CloseOddvar Skre*

    Skre Nature and Environment, Norway

    *Corresponding author:Skre O, Skre Nature and Environment, Norway

Submission: March 29, 2021;Published: April 15, 2021


The IPG garden at Fana (02) near Bergen, Norway was established in 1958, and during the years 1958-75 woody trees and shrubs of 26 species and provenances from all over Europe were transplanted to the site, 2 or 3 replicates of each. For comparison meteorological records of temperature and precipitation were collected from a nearby meteorological station. The mean January-April temperature at Fana increased from about 1.5 to 3.0 C during the observation period 1964-2014. Consequently, a significant trend against earlier budbreak was found during the period in the investigated species, and this change was closely correlated with increased temperature. The shift against earlier budbreak during the sample period was found to be 15-35 days depending on species and provenance, and the shift was stronger in species with late budbreak than in other species with early budbreak.

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