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A Qualitative and Quantitative Review on Muscle Mass and Strength in Elderly People

Submission: Janaury 05, 2021;Published: February 08, 2021


Aging and increased debility are treated as medicative, socialistic as well as economic problems. At the age of about 45, muscle robustness/strength are meant to be well conserved but after the specified age performance reduces about 5-6% per decade. Nowadays, as aging comes earlier, it is important to raise resistance power in elderly people, so that they can do their to do list easily. In search of quality life, it is also important to maintain the storage of muscle protein and amino acids as we age. Observations led in model organisms exhibit that sarcopenia i.e., ameliorative and summed up loss of muscle mass and quality is carried out by fusion of muscle tissues foreign (extrinsic) and innate (intrinsic) factors and this change is very surprising from quick decay of muscles saw during disuse and fasting. As aging occurs, body composition goes into several changes which result in many metabolic disorders like hypertension, type-2 diabetes, insulin resistance and hyperlipidemia (means blood has too many fats or lipids) which causes increased cardiovascular death. Decrease in myosin heavy chain and mitochondrial proteins as a result of decreased synthesis of muscle proteins, occurs with age.

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