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Novel Anatomy and DNA Fingerprint of Deverra Tortuosa (Desf) DC, Syns: Pituranthos Tortuosus Benth

  • Open or CloseAssy NS1, Azazzy MF2* and El-Alfy TS3

    1Faculty of Pharmacy, Egypt

    2Department environmental studies and research institute, Egypt

    3Professor of Pharmacognosy, Egypt

    *Corresponding author:Azazzy MF, Department environmental studies and research institute, Egypt

Submission: May 22, 2019;Published: July 11, 2019


Deverra Tortuosa (Desf) DC is a perennial bushy desert medicinal and aromatic plant belongs to family Apiaceae, strongly aromatic shrub of 30-80cm height. The anatomy of the different organs of the plant has been demonstrated for the first time. The cross section of the leaf exhibited unusual type of structure characteristic to the plant. Transverse sections of the stem and root with special anatomy. DNA fingerprint has been made for the first-time using RAPD analysis, 9 primers with known sequences has been added, 6 of them has been positively reacted with mean value 2.33%. The present study demonstrates for the first-time additional tool to the taxonomical studies and the quality control testing for identification of Deverra tortuosa (Desf) DC in the field of pharmacogenetic studies and helps detect adulterations in the remedies of herbal medicines.

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