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Novel Approaches in Cancer Study

Management of an Oncology Patient who Developed Complications During Tube Thoracostomy in the Emergency Department

Submission: April 18, 2022 Published: May 11, 2022

DOI: 10.31031/NACS.2022.07.000654

Volume7 Issue1


Cancer patients are a special patient group that is more risky than other patient populations and should be approached more carefully. Especially in lung cancer patients, conditions such as tube thoracostomy required for empyema evacuation can lead to serious complications. The complication risk of tube thoracostomy procedure (19%), which is also present in the normal population, increases in oncology patients as a result of the changing anatomy, immune system and metabolic deficiencies. In addition, the management of these complications is not common. In this case, we aimed to present the complication that occurred during tube thoracostomy in a patient with squamous cell lung malignancy and our experience in the management of this complication.

Keywords: Emergency department; Lung cancer; Tube thoracostomy; Complication management; Prolonged CPR

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