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Modern Research in Dentistry

The Pirouetted Premolar - A 180-degree Variation in a Tooth Position

Submission: February 27, 2018; Published: March 19, 2018

DOI: 10.31031/MRD.2018.02.000527

Volume2 Issue1


Tooth rotation, is defined as mesio-lingual or disto-lingual intra-alveolar displacement of the tooth around its longitudinal axis. Such aberrations present a multi–factorial model in their origin. Both genetic and local factors seem to contribute to this abnormality. If the causative local factors and their contributions could be identified, a way could open up to an early treatment and prevention of secondary rotations of opposing and contiguous teeth. Herein, we discuss a case of a 180° rotation of maxillary left second premolar in a female patient.

Keywords: Bicuspid; Rotation; Malocclusion

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