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Urban Farming Using Upcycling Technique of Brassica rapa L. Cv (Pechay Tagalog) in Ermita, Manila, Philippines

Submission: May 17, 2019; Published: May 28, 2019

DOI: 10.31031/MCDA.2019.04.000587

ISSN: 2637-7659
Volume4 Issue2


In Manila, vegetables are extremely overpriced especially due to various reasons such as overshooting of gas price, high demand on peak seasons, drought, flood and when plants are infested with plague. When people prepare food in the kitchen, loads of vegetable parts such as peels, unused leaves, roots, and stem go in the trash bin as wastes, specifically Pechay. They cut the petiole with leaves and discarded the stem without realizing it can be re-planted (upcycled). The aim of this paper was to observe Pechay stem grow in a loam soil planted in used (recycled) fruit Styrofoam box and to upcycle the Pechay stem and to observed other signs and symptoms of infection. The experimental design method was used. The controlled variable was Pechay seed grown on the same type of container with loam soil. Out of 180 Pechay stems planted 128 survived with a 71% survival growth for Pechay grown from the stem while 98% survival rate of Pechay grown from seeds. Pechay stem gowned in a loam soil.

KeyWords: Recycling; Upcycling

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