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Increasing Water Temperature in a Bio-Geyser during Ensiling of Berseem

  • Open or Close InamH1*, RamzanM1, HanifM1, Khattak MK1, Khan MT2

    1 Department of Agricultural Mechanization, The University of Agriculture, Pakistan

    2 Department of Animal Nutrition, The University of Agriculture, Pakistan

    *Corresponding author:Inam H, Department of Agricultural Mechanization, Faculty of Crop Production, The University of Agriculture, Pakistan

Submission: April 11,2017;Published: July 03, 2018

DOI: 10.31031/MCDA.2018.02.000548

ISSN: 2637-7659
Volume2 Issue5


A model silo cum bio geyser system was developed in The University of Agriculture Peshawar to utilize the biomass. In this silo, impact of biomass combination (Berseem and Mott grass) and fermenting agent (rumen liquor) on the amount of heat loss during ensiling. The experiments were laid out in completely randomized design having four treatments and three replications with twelve observations. In the silo water was stored in a Copper pipe located in the middle of the silo while silage was prepared around the pipe. During the fermentation process heat evolved was transferred to the pipe heating the water. Two biomass combination (Berseem only and Berseem 50% + Mott grass 50%) and two levels of fermenting agent (rumen liquor 1% and rumen liquor 0% as control) were used. Four treatments involved in this experiment were; 1. Berseem + rumen liquor, 2. Berseem + Mott grass + rumen liquor, 3. Berseem + control and 4. Berseem + Mott grass + control. Biomass combination and fermenting agent showed a significant effect on water temperature. It was also observed that the maximum temperature of water was recorded 480C in treatment 4 while minimum temperatures of 430C in treatment 3 and 390C in treatment 1 respectively. It was concluded that the highest loss of heat during ensiling was obtained during the fermentation process of 5 days.

Keywords: Silage; Heat transfer; Warm water; Berseem; Rumen liquor

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