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Modern Concepts & Developments in Agronomy

Application of Biotechnology on Rice (Oryzae sativa) Improvement: Review article

  • Open or Close Melese Lema*

    Southern Agricultural Research Institute (SARI), Ethiopia

    *Corresponding author: Melese Lema, Southern Agricultural Research Institute (SARI), Arba Minch Agricultural Research Center, Ethiopia

Submission: February 02, 2018;Published: April 26, 2018

DOI: 10.31031/MCDA.2018.02.000532

ISSN: 2637-7659
Volume2 Issue2


Biotechnology is applying on different crops in the world; while rice is one of the crops that applied, these approaches have now increased quality and quantity of rice production by transfer of economically important traits from genus/species barrier into the rice gene pool, manipulation of target trait without disruption to the non-target regions of the rice genome and shortening the breeding cycle. The application of genetic engineering on rice have concentrated on herbicide tolerance, resistance to insect pest and disease, tolerance to cold, salinity, and drought, nutritional traits (Iron improvement, to reduce vitamin A Deficiency) but more emphasized on two potential areas of plant protection and nutrition improvement for immediate use.

Molecular markers offered great potential for increasing the precision and speed of rice breeding as, among other advantages over phenotypic markers. The research of rice in IRRI and national agriculture systems (NARSs) has resulted in genetically improved seed, improved rice cultivation practices, and improved management practices for soil, water and biotic factors. Hence, the main impacts of rice research are ensuring food security, protecting the environment, engaging women, Tackling climate change and reducing poverty.

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