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Nutritional and Sensory Properties of Cashew Seed (Anacardium occidentale) Milk

  • Open or Close Muhammad Faisal Manzoor1*, Ahsan Manzoor2, Rabia Siddique2 and Nazir Ahmad1

    1 School of Food Science and Engineering, South China university of Technology, Guangzhou, China

    2 Department of Chemistry, Government College University, Pakistan

    *Corresponding author: Muhammad Faisal Manzoor, Institute of Home and Food Sciences, Faculty of Sciences and Technology, Government College University Faisalaba, Pakistan, Tel:+92-343-7843953;Email:

Submission: July 24, 2017; Published: November 13, 2017

Volume1 Issue1
November 2018


Plant milk was obtained from cashew seeds and locally prepared soy milk kept as reference standard. The prepared milk samples were analyzed against proximate, minerals and sensory attribute, while sensory evaluation was done according to difference and preference test. Cashew milk sample had an attributes white in color and 81.7% milk yield. Cashew milk was significantly higher in fiber and ash contents. Cashew milk also consist significantly higher amounts of potassium (68.1mg/100ml), calcium (21.9mg/100ml), magnesium (38.2mg/100ml), zinc (0.85mg/100ml) and iron (0.8mg/100ml). Sensory evaluation results show significant differences for both milk samples. Cashew milk (1.91) and soymilk (2.08) were indicate non-significant difference (p>0.05) in mouth feel. Cashew milk was highly significant (p< 0.05) for other sensory attributes. Cashew milk is nutrient dense as compare to soy and dairy milks with low calories. Nutritional benefits of cashew milk promoting cardiovascular health and reduce the deficiencies of trace mineral such as, zinc and iron.

Keywords: Cashew seeds; Milk; Nutritional; Proximate; Sensory evaluation

Abbreviations: AOAC: Association of Official Analytical Chemists; Kcal: kilocalories

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