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Interventions in Obesity & Diabetes

Factors Contributing to Obesity and Associated Health Risks

Submission: July 06, 2021Published: September 23, 2021

DOI: 10.31031/IOD.2021.05.000617

ISSN : 2578-0263
Volume5 Issue4


Obesity is a serious health issue in both developed and developing societies of the world. Apart from being a problem itself, obesity may also result in many chronic health conditions. Uncontrolled obesity may lead to diabetes, cancer, arthritis as well as liver and kidney problems. Obesity is always stigmatized to overeating rather several other factors including metabolic health, cultural and lifestyle factors are also associated with disease progression. Risk of chronic diseases due to genetic factors is less as compared to environmental, behavioral and dietary factors. Behavioral/lifestyle modification is recommended. Developed countries face problem due to high fat (junk food) and sugar containing food (refined carbohydrates) consumption along with amplified alcohol consumption and smoking. Dietary changes like replacing high fat and sugar containing food with high fiber, low sugar and fat foods would impact health status of the individuals in positive way by decreasing risk of chronic diseases.

Keywords: Obesity; Chronic issues; Diabetes; Cancer; Kidney stones

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