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Integrative Journal of Conference Proceedings

Shaping Thinking and Inspiration as the Source of His Development

  • Open or CloseEvgeniy Bryndin*

    Research center, Nature Informatics, Russia

    *Corresponding author:Evgeniy Bryndin, Research center, Nature Informatics, Russia

Submission: May 31, 2022;Published: July 08, 2022


There are many approaches to multi-disciplinary approaches to the formation and development of thinking. The author briefly considers the interdisciplinary approach to the formation of thinking based on the triad-mind, living language, spirit. This approach aligns well with inspiration as the source of the development of thinking. The article concludes with a hierarchical approach to the formation of technological thinking based on categorical criteria and knowledge and skills of mankind.

Keywords: Mind; Living language; Spirit; Communicative associative neural network; Creative thinking; Nature

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