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Integrative Journal of Conference Proceedings

The Pouched Proboscis - Nasolabial Cyst

Submission: November 29, 2021;Published: December 08, 2021


Nasolabial cyst is an exceptional, non-odontogenic, developmental, maxillofacial cyst which arises between nasal vestibule and upper lip. The extra-osseous nasolabial cyst was initially scripted by Zuckerkandl in 1882. The soft tissue cyst is commonly discerned beneath alae nasi and is additionally designated as nasoalveolar cyst or Klestadt cyst. However, nasolabial cyst is confined to the soft tissue, in contrast to a nasoalveolar cyst which characteristically engenders a maxillary bone defect. The infrequently discerned nasolabial cyst can be misinterpreted and subjected to unsatisfactory therapy. Clinical discernment may be appropriate and adequate on account of characteristic location and clinical representation.

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