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Integrative Journal of Conference Proceedings

A New Facet of Symmetry in Chemistry and Biochemistry

  • Open or CloseIga DP1,2*, Popescu D3 and Niculescu VIR4

    1University of Bucharest, former CI Parhon, Romania

    2University of Oradea, B-dul Armata Romana, Romania

    3Gh Mihoc-Caius Iacob Institute of Mathematical Statistics and Applied Mathematics of Romania Academy, Romania

    4Institut de Recherche et Development pour les Lasers, Plasma et Physique de la Radiation, Romania

    *Corresponding author: Iga DP, University of Bucharest, former CI Parhon, Bucharest, University of Oradea, B-dul Armata Romana, Oradea, Romania

Submission: April 09, 2021;Published: May 11, 2021


The phenomenon described below concerns molecules having a content of chirality. A new type of symmetry, complementary to the classical symmetry characterized by a mirror plane of symmetry is revealed. As the latter generates an enantiomeric image, the plane of symmetry of this new type of symmetry generates an identical one. The rank of this new plane of symmetry is lower than mirror plane of symmetry. Arguments from chemistry, biology and practical life are brought in support of this new facet of chiral compounds.

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