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Examines in Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation

Determining Intervention Strategy for Stroke: Literature Review, Risk Analysis Tool, and Risk Management

  • Open or CloseLisa Marie Portugal*

    Health and Wellness Education, American College of Education, USA

    *Corresponding author: Lisa Marie Portugal, Health and Wellness Education, American College of Education, USA

Submission: November 29, 2022; Published: January 05, 2023

DOI: 10.31031/EPMR.2023.03.000575

ISSN: 2637-7934
Volume 3 Issue 5


A risk analysis tool can aid in helping to ensure an appropriate level of healthcare intervention for target populations in need. Efficient risk analysis assists healthcare practitioners in making decisions in targeting essential health resources for communities and individuals. This discussion includes a literature review for stroke focusing on detection, surveillance, and holistic natural best practices for stroke prevention and health management. Themes, trends, and areas for future study regarding stroke management and prevention are examined. Focus on the development of a risk analysis tool to address public health concerns related to stroke is discussed. The stroke risk analysis tool contains eight categories of stroke related factors that can be identified and mitigated by the public and healthcare practitioners to change negative behavioral choices into positive lifestyle actions. Supporting research is evaluated to examine stroke identification, intervention, and prevention strategies to assist healthcare practitioners and the public with this chronic health condition that can be managed in a holistic manner via proactive and comprehensive education.

Keywords:Stroke detection and surveillance; Hemorrhagic and ischemic stroke; Stroke management; Risk factors; Cardiovascular disorders; Physical inactivity; Dyslipidemia; Obesity; Diabetes and hypertension; Risk analysis tool; Risk management; Lifestyle changes

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