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Examines in Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation

Agrarian Population’s Occupational Health Risks and After Effects

Submission: March 26, 2021; Published: April 09, 2021

DOI: 10.31031/EPMR.2020.03.000559

ISSN: 2637-7934
Volume 3 Issue 2


Agriculture is the prime occupation in India and many other developing countries. In the modern era, agricultural workers are confronted with many hazards include chemical hazards, biological hazards, ergonomic hazards, psychosocial hazards and physical hazards. Hence, the agriculture sector is associated with a variety of occupational injuries and illnesses. Compared with some other industries, agricultural workers are relatively facing higher risk of accidents than other workers. This sector of activity being most unorganized, suffer from certain specific health hazards due to extensive use of fertilizers, insecticides and pesticides and mechanization [1]. The method used in this study was a review and analysis of past data. The study classified the number and rate of occupational fatalities for workers in the agriculture sector. This paper presents the results of a literature review undertaken to determine [2] the health risks faced by the agrarian population worldwide and their aftereffects. It was concluded that the negligence toward health hazards of the farmers is costing their quality of life, which they are totally unaware, and it is the need of an hour to give proper training to farmers from time to time so that they are properly educated about the components of their work and that would further prevent the precarious effects on their health in future.

Keywords:Farmers; Agriculture; Occupational health hazards; Pesticide exposure

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