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Evolutions in Mechanical Engineering

Equilibrium Molecular Dynamical Simulation of Phase Change Material for Energy Storage

  • Open or Close Xin Xiao1* and Hongwei Jia2

    1 School of Chemical and Process Engineering, University of Leeds, UK

    2 College of Environmental Science and Engineering, Donghua University,China

    *Corresponding author: Xin Xiao, University of Leeds, School of Chemical and Process Engineering, Leeds LS2 9JT, UK

Submission: October 24, 2018;Published: November 16, 2018

DOI: 10.31031/EME.2018.02.000530

ISSN 2640-9690
Volume2 Issue1


Latent heat thermal energy storage attracts more and more attraction recently. Molecular Dynamical (MD) simulation can be applied to investigate the heat and mass transfer mechanism of phase change materials (PCMs) from the micro point of view, especially for nano-encapsulated and nanoparticle-enhanced PCMs. The paper briefly summaries the status of MD simulations used in the energy storage systems, and the future research topics are pointed out finally.

Keywords: Energy storage; Molecular dynamics simulation; Thermo-physical properties

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