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Evolutions in Mechanical Engineering

Examination of Tensile Test Specimens Produced in Three-Dimensional Printer

  • Open or Close Fuat Kartal

    Department of Mechanical Engineering, University of Kastamonu, Turkeyl

    *Corresponding author: Fuat Kartal, Department of Mechanical Engineering, University of Kastamonu, Turkey

Submission: August 29, 2018;Published: October 24, 2018

DOI: 10.31031/EME.2018.01.000521

ISSN 2640-9690
Volume1 Issue5


In this study, the effect of different parameters on tensile test specimens produced by joint manufacturing with open source code and equipment using PLA type filament was investigated experimentally. Tensile specimens were designed and manufactured according to ASTM IV type tensile test standards. The test design was based on the L9 orthogonal array of the Taguchi Method and experiments was designed according to this plan. According to the results, Parameters of layer thickness and filling scan range parameters were found to provide significant improvement in the tensile strength increase.

Keywords: Fused deposition modeling; Additive manufacturing; Layered manufacturing; Parametric optimization; Tensile test

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