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Psychology and Psychotherapy: Research Study

Application of protective coatings to the surface of channels of medical instruments

Submission: February 26, 2020;Published: March 11, 2020


The paper discusses the features of the manufacture of small cross-section channels with high geometric accuracy, characteristic of the nozzles for the supply of gaseous, liquid and mixed media. In transport equipment, thermal power systems are widely used nozzles with one or more channels of supply of working media, the diameter of which is measured in fractions of a millimeter. In the process of manufacturing such products requires the removal or build-up of small (within one or more microns) layers in separate holes for the supply of working media, which allows you to align the flow of liquid through all holes, to provide the required flow rate and spray the combustion products supplied, for example, for rocket engines, where up to 200 nozzles can work simultaneously gorenjes. A new method of coating the inner surface of the holes of any section using a combined treatment with simultaneous action of the electric field and the radial pressure of a given value is proposed. The calculation of parametroa of the tool and technological conditions, which ensures high accuracy of the flow path of the injector and the resistance of the coating when applying aggressive flammable fluids

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