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Estimation of The Lattice Parameters, Crystallite Size and Internal Micro Strain of Cu1-xInxSe2 Thin Films by Williamson-Hall Method

Submission: December 16, 2019;Published: February 20, 2020


In this work, Cu1-xInxSe2 thin films have been grown on heated glass substrates using chemical spray pyrolysis. Characterizations and compositional analysis of Cu1-xInxSe2 thin films were obtained by X-ray Diffraction (XRD) and Electron Dispersion Analysis (EDX). Microstructure parameters as a function of Cu/ In and the substrate temperature (Tsub) in the range of 548K to 623K have been study. Williamson-Hall method has been used to determine the crystallite size, microstrain. XRD revealed that a polycrystalline CuInSe2 thin films with the hexagonal structure having preferential growth along the <002> direction. At the Cu/In ratio increased, improved of the degree of crystallinity and decrement of both, the lattice parameters and volume of unit cell. Also, the crystallite size was found to be increased and decreased with the growth temperature. On the contrary, the microstrain values were decreasing with the growth temperature and Cu/In ratio were increasing.

Keywords: Spray pyrolysis; X-ray diffraction; CuInSe2 thin films

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