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Developments in Clinical & Medical Pathology

Self-Explanatory Non-Funded Project Study of Dysmenorrhea and Impact on Quality of Life in Rajgad Dnyanpeeth’s College of Pharmacy-Savitribai Phule Pune University Pune

  • Open or Close Rahul Hajare*

    Biologics Development, Indian Council of Medical Research, India

    *Corresponding author: Rahul Hajare, Biologics Development, Indian Council of Medical Research, New Delhi, India

Submission: February 17, 2018;Published: March 13, 2018

Volume1 Issue1
March 2018


Dysmenorrhea, painful menstruation, is a common chronic condition of pain that affects a wide range of young women capable of reducing their quality of life, decrease their ability to function at a 100 percent and ultimately causing a reduction in productively for the affected person for a period of time. Many studies have shown that the level of knowledge about dysmenorrhea is unsatisfactory especially in young women and that it indeed has the ability to disrupt a peaceful flow in rhythm and pattern of women in executing daily activities, the aim of this study is therefore to determine the true extent at which dysmenorrhea interferes with daily activities in privately managed self-finance pharmacy institution.

Keywords: Dysmenorrhea; Physiotherapy; Nausea; Insomnia; Stomach cramps

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