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Determinations in Nanomedicine & Nanotechnology

Preparation of Animal Food

Submission: August 09, 2022;Published: November 15, 2022


The work is presented in three parts. The first part approaches the German methodology for the preparation of food animal going to the biggest bovine livestock (bovine branch), the methods of preparation of allowances are exposed based on the German norms and its wide use in Germany for the feeding of the livestock bovine facilities in small, medium and big facilities. The second part exposes the technologies used in Cuba. In third part it leaves the possibility it discusses of introducing some of the German technologies in Cuba. Emphasis is made in the possibility of introduction of these technologies in any investigation or development institution in Cuba that is in charge of from the bovine production to private or state scale. For their importance and applicability, the fundamental steps of the haymaking methodologies and silage are described to different scale, in dependence of the size of the installation, of the purpose of the breeding (meat or milk) and of the number of livestock heads, being the objective of this work to discuss these methodologies in our country.

By means of these methodologies it is possible to produce animal food using endogenous resources that allow achieving a sovereignty and economic independence when not having to care great quantity of agricultural ingredients that urge the production of animal food (animal concentrated food), saving material resources, humans and money. Finally, it is emphasized in the importance of to value the results reached with these methodologies due to their possibility of being transferred to productive scale and to potentializes this activity to national scale.

Keywords: Animal food; German methodologies; Necessary inputs

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