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Determinations in Nanomedicine & Nanotechnology

Purpose and Farmers Trait Preference of Indigenous Cattle Reared in West Omo Zone, Southwestern, Ethiopia

Submission: July 19, 2022;Published: September 30, 2022


The study was conducted to assess the purpose and trait preference of indigenous cattle reared in three ethnic community of west Omo zone, southwestern Ethiopia. Farmers’ and agro pastoralists’ attitudes toward cattle husbandry provide an opportunity for indigenous cow genetic improvement in the studied communities. A total of 180 household respondents were involved for interviews. In the Suri culture, blood suckled from cows or bulls was directly drunk or blended with milk and locally brewed beer. Milk yield, huge body size, fertility, physical attractiveness, udder and teat size, and coat color were all important factors in cow selection. Bulls were chosen based on their large body size, physical attractiveness, traction power, coat color, and temperament.

Keywords:Indigenous cattle; Trait preference; West Omo; Blood

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