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Determinations in Nanomedicine & Nanotechnology

The Effect of Intake of Rhizophora racemosa (Red Mangrove) Leaves and Root-Bark on Some Blood Parameters of Broilers

Submission: January 20, 2020;Published: February 12, 2020


The effect of Rihizophora racemosa (Red mangrove) on some blood parameters was evaluated in this experiment using the leaf and rootbark. Using a 2x3 factorial arrangement, a completely randomized design experiment was conducted. One hundred and five (105) day old Ross broiler chicks were randomly distributed in seven treatments: A=control, B1=70g leaf, B2=80g leaf, B3 90g leaf C1=70g root-bark, C2=80g root- bark C3=90g root-bark/kg of feed. The experiment lasted eleven weeks. The results wed that additive level of R. racemosa leaf and root-bark significantly (p<0.05) improved blood parameters (PCV, RBC, WBC, Hb) of broiler. It was concluded that R. re can be used as a feed additive in the feed of broilers to improve resistance to abeam ad disease and decreased morbidity and mortality.

Keywords: Blood; Broilers; Leaf; Mangrove; Rhizophora racemose; Root-bark.

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