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Techniques in Neurosurgery & Neurology

The Influence of Different Concentration of Crude Protein on Poultry Metabolism and Its Consequences on Poultry Health

Submission: January 1, 2019; Published: January 23, 2019

Volume1 Issue1
January, 2019


In the poultry nutrition, most attention is given to protein products, due to the importance of protein as a major constituent of the biologically active compounds in the body. It also assists in the synthesis, renovation and growth of the body tissues. Protein exists in form of enzymes and hormones which play important roles in the physiology of human, animals and avian species. Broilers have high dietary protein requirements, thus identification of the optimum protein concentration in broiler diets, for either maximizing broiler performance or profit, requires more knowledge about birds’ requirements for protein and amino acids and their effects on the birds metabolism. It also requires knowledge about the protein sources available that can be used in poultry diets. The broad aim of this review was to highlight the importance of some of the available high-quality specialized protein products of both animal and plant origins which can be explored for feeding broiler chickens. Anti-nutritional factors (ANFs) are major problems in animal feeding. Therefore, minimizations of the concentration of anti-nutritional factors (ANFs) and supplementation with immunologically active compounds are the main focus of gut health promoting broiler diets. These diet characteristics are influenced by feed ingredient composition and feed processing. The general hypothesis is that these protein products are highly digestible and devoid of or contain less ANFs. Thus, by feeding these products to broiler chicks, especially at an earlier age, may assist early gut development, digestive physiology, improving broiler growth performance and immunity.

Keywords: Protein; Poultry; Growth; Performance; Immunity

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